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HHO Engine carbon cleaning treatment £45. It reduces considerably emissions and visual smoke. Ideal treatment for the new strict MOT rules.

Removes harmful carbon deposits from your vehicles engine. Restores performance and efficiency. Providing a smooth, quiet engine. Saving you money with running and maintenance costs.

Avoiding mechanical issues and breakdowns. The mobile service that comes to you, home or work place. All credit card payments accepted. T&C apply.


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Jeff Brown

"Didn’t have a clue about carbon cleaning but had seen plenty of adverts about it. My air conditioning had gone and I didn’t want to spend £50 at Kwik Fit to sort it out. I saw VCT Systems had an advert to do both for £30 each so I went for it.
My Mondeo has gone from doing average 50 mpg on most journeys to actually hitting 70 mpg on my way to Southend on Sunday and the sun actually came out after having the air con done too! Nice friendly guys that did job too. Highly recommend"

Patrick Queenan

"I cannot say enough about these guys, they are so professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Unfortunately when they were carbon cleaning two of my cars, my daughter was admitted to hospital. They finished the jobs and informed my wife they would contact me later and not to worry about the payment. I arranged to have another car carbon serviced around ten days later. Never hassled me and did a super job on all my cars which are running better after the treatment. Five star guys, highly recommend."

"I'm truly amazed. My wife's 2014 plate Vauxhall Meriva sounded really rough, bit like a tractor! After having the air con serviced on my Audi, I thought the guys were already here so might as well try the carbon clean on her car. They explained the whole procedure and possible causes of the ticking noise and upped their machine to full capacity for one hour. After the hour the engine ticking noise went totally quite as a 14 plate should sound! If your vehicle has rubbish build up inside these guys will definitely clean it!!"

Anthony S James

Jamie Mantle

"Although I was very hesitant at first as the price seemed too good to be true, well educated, strongly passionate and genuinely down to earth guys. Soon put my mind to ease when they arrived. These guys educated me every step of the process and explained in great depths what they was doing and why. I strongly recommend using this service and will be using them regularly for all my vehicles!!! All vehicles showed great gains after carbon cleans."

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