Why does your engine need a carbon clean?


Every vehicle after reaching 20,000 miles from new has carbon deposits in the air inlet, exhaust system and other engine components.

Contributing factors vary from the quality of fuel used, imposed speeds within city roads and poor maintenance. In stop/start short distant journeys the DPF does not reach the required temperature for it to regenerate and dispose the carbon.

These factors result in engine vibrations, loss of acceleration, higher consumption of MPG, heavy puffs of smoke, limp home mode and most visibly warning lights on the dashboard.

Hydrogen (H2) plus Oxygen (O2) is injected into the engine through the manifold vacuum pipe or air intake. This gas mixture changes the fuel to air ratio turning the carbon deposits into Hydrocarbons. Mixed with the heat of a running engine the Hydrocarbon will combust with the Oxygen, resulting in its removal.

The HHO carbon agent is a non-corrosive non-flammable solution that enhances this effect, reaching the most difficult components such as DPF’s and Catalytic converters, whilst leaving a protective layer stopping the carbon deposits from resettling in the next 7000 miles.

Our HHO machines produce over 3000 liters of Hydrogen for the hour that it will be plugged into the vehicle, making sure that no matter the engine size the decarbonisation is thorough. This treatment will clean your vehicles combustion chamber, the engine valves, spark plugs, fuel injectors, throttle body, turbo and turbo veins, exhaust manifold, oxygen sensor, DPF, catalytic converter and the whole exhaust system.

Benefits from the service include:

  • Increased life span of the engine
  • Reduced maintenance and running costs
  • A smoother running engine
  • Regained lost horse power and acceleration
  • Lowering fuel consumption and emissions
  • Increasing reliability
  • How does the HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning work?

    How does our carbon clean work?




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    Carbon Cleaning Testimonials

    "Great service. Have used this company for a while now. Both for air conditioning service and regular HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning. My taxi really feels a massive difference after the treatment. Would definitely recommend."

    Maz Ali

    "Very Professional in what they do and explained the whole services I had. Top lads and the cheapest anywhere, very very happy, and can’t praise them enough......5 stars."

    Lee Dean Coombes

    "Amazing guys to have work on your car...the result are amazing. They even went out of their way to advice and educate me on the essentials necessary for my car and the Mrs to keep it in tip top shape...thanks a bunch guys."

    David Femi Irewole

    Dan Hobbs

    "Just had the Carbon cleaning treatment and air con service / re-gas on my BMW 530D. Really happy with the great service I received and also the results from the carbon clean! My car was pouring out black smoke under heavy acceleration and after being shown just how bad it was after being connected up to the machine I wasn’t surprised. But an hour later of the carbon treatment my car runs so much better and I don’t have that horrible black smoke.
    Thank-you very much, I will definitely use you again in the future."

    Engine Carbon Cleaning Terms & Conditions

    No parts will be changed or replaced. The Machine will be plugged into the air intake pipe for Diesels and exhaust manifold vacuum pipe for Petrol’s.

    NO warranty/refund is given as no parts are sold or supplied to the customer. This is a maintenance service.

    A preliminary check of the vehicles engine will be carried out by the technician and the customer will be asked to sign a disclaimer. This is required to establish the state of the engine prior to the service, the procedures that will take place and the understanding of the Terms & Conditions.

    All results between vehicles will vary by the age and the maintenance they have had during their lifetime.

    No harmful or toxic chemicals are used in the process or placed in the engine. This technology only uses a mixture of Oxygen and Hydrogen gas.

    Once the DPF light has come on there is a very small window in which this service would reverse the damage. (Maximum 2 weeks).

    When the service has finished the vehicle will be revved up to six times to VOSA approved methods, not exceeding MOT practices and guidelines (2500-3000 rpm).

    If the technician come to the conclusion that the Vehicle is NOT fit for the carbon clean due to evident mechanical faults the customer will still be liable for the call out fee (£20).