Why does your vehicles air-conditioning require a service?


Every year the AC system loses some of its gas capacity due to engine vibrations and lack of use.

Air-Conditioning systems require regular maintenance. It is important that the lubricant oil is changed regularly and the moisture is removed. With time the lubricant P.A.G oil loses its properties and mixes with the moisture built up, becoming corrosive and leading to a premature failure of the system.

Your vehicles AC system should be on at all times in summer and winter mode. Constant use allows the lubricant to moisture all the seals ensuring they stay air tight, also preventing the pump from seizing.

In winter mode the air con becomes a dehumidifier, removing all moisture from the cab, protecting vital electronic components.

With technology constantly evolving AC systems have become fuel efficient. They use as much fuel as you would do having your windows down increasing fuel consumption by drag.

Without regular service the AC system can be contaminated with bacteria that thrives in the moisture build up, resulting in bad odours subsequently being harmful to children.

VCT-Systems provide a full service to your vehicles air-conditioning system consisting of:


  • The recovery and recycling of gas, oil and other fluids.
  • A Vacuum of the internal system to remove contaminated moisture.
  • Injecting the PAG lubricant oil.
  • R134A/R1234YF/R744 (Carbon Dioxide) Gas (the amount recommended by the manufacture).
  • Antibacterial treatment to remove any bad odours.
  • Tracer-Dye for future leak detection.
  • Electronic reset by a diagnostic tool for the required systems.





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Air-Conditioning Testimonials

Charlie Luetchford

"Used this service but unfortunately my air con pump had packed up. The guys were very helpful and directed me on how to fix it. System didn't have any leaks so by the time I bought a new pump they came back took the gas out whilst the car got fixed then put it back in free of charge!! Will highly recommend to my family and friends!"

James Pearson

"Can't recommend them highly enough!! The technicians are very knowledgeable and friendly (top guys) always on time and happy to explain what's going on or answer any questions. I have been using them for a few years now and highly recommend them to everyone. Their prices simply can't be beaten and when you consider their machinery is far superior to others offering the same service it's a no brainer really."

Michelle Holloway

"Brilliant. Came to my house in the evening, lovely cold air con in the morning. Highly recommend."

Jon Lane

"It's the first time that I have used these guys but it won't be the last. Professional and courteous, a phone call to let me know that traffic was delaying them an hour, and at the end of it I have fully working AC again. For anyone considering whether to use them, stop thinking and get them booked - you won't regret it!"

Vehicle Air-Conditioning Terms & Conditions

VCT – Systems provides maintenance and recharge treatments.


Should we perform our service to the A/C systems and the systems fails to work due to the vehicles faulty or damaged parts, you will still be liable and charged for the service.

No Warranty is given for the mobile service as no parts are sold or replaced.  


*(Faulty parts include compressor, condensers, valves, pipes & control panel)*


VCT – Systems do repair faulty/ leaking AC systems. Repairs must be carried out in workshop conditions only so they are not offered as a mobile service. Warranty is provided with any repair job. 

VCT - Systems provide all parts in house. 



The tracer dye is only used at the end of our service after the system is gassed.


The tracer dye gives a fluorescent colour to the gas and helps the mechanic trace the leak at a later stage in workshop conditions.


The tracer dye marks by leaving a green colour where the perforation has occurred becoming visible if the gas has leaked.


Please note that failure of payment will result in court proceedings.

If we perform the mobile AC recharge  service and a leak is detected a £25.00 call out charge is passed onto the customer. 

Accepted Payments

Accepted Payments

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